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Halifox Technologies

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Halifox Technologies An e-Supply Chain Solutions delivers sophisticated Business Processing Re-engineering with eminent technology for wide range of business across the globe. Which helps organisations to improve efficiency by modernising business processes to overcome the challenges of a demanding IT strategy. Halifox Technologies, A Part of Mic and Mac Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Halifox Technologies

Creating Business Impact

Halifox Technologies founded in 2010, Name Halifox acquitted from streets of Aachen in Germany with a unique Business model developed from Scotland and Implemented in India. Our approach to product development is based on the pioneering concept that we have evolved and refined through years of product building experience working with esteemed clients.

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Halifox Technologies

Creating Business Impact

Legitimate passion towards our projects derived practical solutions with theoretical approach which has helped us to achieve great milestones at early stages. Encouragement and Tributary support from our small business clients initially helped us to yield positive results in our business growth and to execute the plan of multiple business verticals. We are a young, assertive, progressive business hugely different to yesterdays old school of over-regimented, under delivering equipment and consumable businesses supply.

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Halifox Technologies

Creating Business Impact

Providing Customers with a Progressive, Business-Enhancing Service From our mile-hungry service envoys (all salaried), to our office and distribution teams and the owners of the business, our greatest motivation is to provide our customers with the most progressive, customer focused, business-enhancing service.


Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends and Applications


We are working with the new trends: responsive web design, flat design, performance and speed, and perfecting the user experience. We create innovative custom web applications that meet and exceed expectations. Our specialized custom web application development engineers offer the highest level of usability, scalability and complete compatibility in browsers and platforms.

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Business Solutions


Business Solutions specializes in business services that include strategic planning, technology evaluation and planning, and complex business information synthesis. We help businesses develop action-oriented strategies to expand domestic and international markets, identify and manage new acquisitions, establish partnerships, identify opportunities for growth, leverage technology and compete for government contracts.

Mobile Apps


We are proud to offer a range of native mobile app development services including Android, Windows and iOS app development. Our native apps are built from the ground up to take advantage of the functionality and characteristics that make this the world fastest growing mobile platform, and each app leverages those qualities to the utmost.



Electronic Supply Chain Management (e-SCM) is an optimization of business process and business value in every corner of the extended enterprise right from your suppliers to your customers. An e-SCM solution can bring a dramatic reduction in your costs, and integrate your enterprise closely with all the other players involved in your processes. And, in doing this, it goes one big step beyond a mere ERP solution.


Product 1

Software Developments


Halifox Technologies software development services include the full life cycle product development for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers and web / social media companies. We can provide our expertise in selecting the appropriate hardware and software platform suitable for your product, as we have wide-ranging commercial experience in multiple programming languages, operating systems, development tools and networking / communication / web and GUI technologies. Our software product development has provided cost-effective IT solutions to companies within many industries including Transport Management, and Investments.

Product 2

Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods. It includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Interconnected or interlinked networks, channels and node businesses are involved in the provision of products and services required by end customers in a supply chain.Supply chain management has been defined as the "design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally.

Product 3

Transport Management


Halifox Technologies provide End to End solutions.This term used in many business arenas referring to the beginning and end points of a method or service. End-to-end theory embraces the philosophy that eliminating as many middle layers or steps as possible will optimize performance and efficiency in any process. An example of end-to-end processes include directly connecting buyers and sellers in the ecommerce arena or in manufacturing. This occurs when one company provides a service to another in which it manages all aspects of design and production of a particular product - end product directly to end user.

Product 4

Inventory Management


Efficiently use inventory by maintaining the same level on all channels. Any update of stock is updated immediately on all the integrated channels. We provide integrations which includes marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, shipping providers, fulfilment companies, accounting & payment systems. Manage shipping and tracking of orders from different channels. Stay on top of your business data by analyzing how every selling channel is performing. Get an instant snapshot of your business through our analytics and reports.

Product 5

Mobile App


Strong communication is cornerstone of team collaboration. In todays mobile era, traveling or being away from your team is no more a constraint to achieve productivity. Discuss, update team members, share files, and do lot more in real-time.
Chat in real-time with your contacts.
Streamlined organizational communication for better productivity.
Stay aligned with your clients and people outside from your organization.
See how well your team fared and track overall progress.

Product 6

Bus Management System


BMS is a online bus booking portal. The customers can able to book/cancel/modify the seats in a simple user friendly single step process and also helps Bus Operators to manage their complete Account Details. We provide Vehicle information such as the number of trips went in a day, collection detail, fuel usage, Driver information, etc. with this Application. The Alert pages help the user to be informed of the dates of License Renewal, Insurance Renewal, Loan Due, National Permit, Next FC and Vehicle Insurance. We generate multiple reports to show the Vehicle, Employee, Trip Sheet and Collection Detail. API Integrations are provided as per the clients request


Business Development Manager

Email: careers@halifox.com

Current Openings:

Domain: Dot Net Developer(C#)
Degree: Under graduate/Post graduate
Work Exp: Fresher/Experienced
Location: Chennai

Domain: Business Development
Degree: Under graduate/Post graduate
Work Exp: Fresher/Experienced
Location: Chennai


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